Creation of a small IT systems at the services of dayly utility

Actually we propose ourselves as consultants in business management and by virtue of this, if you allow it, we will become aware of your organizational processes.

Convinced that nobody knows the company better than the entrepreneur, we believe that the levels of corporate control must perceive an adequate overview of the panorama that they are called to manage.

We often note that the figures of control and coordination: 

  • do not have accurate feedback data regarding the Divisions they belong to;
  • are overwhelmed by numerous, small obligations that their role imposes;
  • dedicate some hours of the day to plan repetitive activities, connected to each other;
  • gave up some types of feedback because they were too demanding.

The list of situations in which technological evolution and the use of software or small computer systems, can be a valid aid in optimizing business management, it would be really long and often the hardware structures are already present in the company.

Although not a software house, we take care, to share possible IT solutions that support and improve daily operations positively influencing company management.