Improvement of internal company structures

The last decade has brought many market fluctuations and changes of direction, putting a strain on small and medium-sized companies and imposing adjustments a little bit on all business realities.

Still from school we are prepared to think of "Market Laws" , but today we must take note of the fact that the "market" has changed the "shape" of our companies . So many realities have had to adapt to the events:

  • changing the way you work;
  • adding new production lines;
  • moving towards different sales outlets;
  • integrating the original activity with services.

Being pleased with the ability to react, one must ask oneself if

the level of integration of company structures is adequate

check their efficiency

the ability to dialogue with the summit

the incidence in the cost centers

It would be detrimental to undergo changes that, in these cases, are to be understood as the evolution of the "company system".

Looking at the future, however, is right

  • analyze the internal corporate structures to direct the spending of financial and productive energies towards those initiatives able to restore profits by taking cognizance of the phenomena that overload management.