Support of the generational transition

This is a very personal field, where the mixtures of ownership, management and family relationships tend to touch the most sensitive corporate neuralgias leading to delay or ignore the problem.

Numerical description

  • 80% of entrepreneurs

    are aware of this critical situation;
  • 65% of medium-sized companies

    are family businesses;
  • in 7 out of 10 companies

    are present members of the family in the business managemet,
  • as many as 7 out of 10 entrepreneurs

    would like to transmit the company management to a descendant
  • only 30% of companies

    survive their founder
  • only 13%

    get to the third generation.


Contrary to appearances, family businesses are very different from each other.

  • Some are first generation,
  • others have already experienced a generational transition,
  • there are companies with a marked core business,
  • others with differentiated and distributed interests over multiple assets,
  • reality in which capital is rooted in a family member, a family unit,
  • or on the contrary lacking a qualified majority,
  • cases of individualistic mentality and aggregated environments in which unity is strength,
  • balance of company roles ranging from a clear division to the centralization of ownership roles, governance and management,
  • the value of some companies represents a significant part of the family's assets,
  • in other cases it only partially represents it.
But the list could continue ...
Aware of all these circumstances, save that in the generational change due to unexpected causes, we like to think of a soft process that does not upset the company equilibrium, which brings about modernization, but respects the company's traditions.
It is our purpose to offer a clear and honest vision in order to share the most suitable strategy to achieve the desired result moving between the banks of a Business Plan that defines the yardstick of how much "objectively achievable". In other words, we aim to share a goal on which to plan a process that has verifiable capital conditions, with which to arrive at rules that ensure a serene business operation.
About the entrepreneur, that the generational shift would like to see alternate ... We think that he is our guide within the company, because nobody knows her better than him. Together with the entrepreneur we would like to define the future of his company and, as a final project, we would like him to be an external observer who, with an occasional commitment, can supervise the company that led to his success.